Taking a Lunch Break

I’m moving to the New York area in the next few days and instead of writing this stuff up I’m going to concentrate on moving. Plus, I have a long drive ahead of me and I’d rather not think about this blog until I’m up there and settled. This should take about two weeks. It’s possible I’ll post during this time but the chances are slim. Until then here are a few links to articles about the film Children of Men; I’m doing a guest lecture spot at a local University on the film right before I move. If you haven’t seen it yet run out to your nearest video store and…Wait, those don’t exist anymore. Just download it or hit up your local library for a copy. It’s probably on HBO or Cinemax here and there and you can find it that way. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading this and don’t fret (as if you were to begin with) – the posts will return daily starting around the middle of November. Until then read these articles I’ve been combing over for the last few days. Also, check out some of the blogs and sites listed on the right; they’re filled with great music and information.

Children of Men article from Jump Cut magazine

An article from Dissent magazine about the science fiction dystopia

An article by Slavoj Žižek about Children of Men

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