Song of Zarathustra/Spread the Disease split 7″

Song of Zarathustra/Spread the Disease split 7”
Released: 1998 (Witching Hour Records)

Song of Zarathustra, other than taking their name from Nietzsche, played some really great screamo/hardcore. Spread the Disease were a decent pseudo-black metal/hardcore band featuring members of the old Canadian hardcore group New Day Rising. This is another in a long line of fun hardcore records released by the defunct Witching Hour record label and, like always, was limited to about 500 copies.

Here is Song of Zarathustra live in 2000:

Song of Zarathustra/Spread the Disease split 7″

Dead Meadow: Feathers

Dead Meadow: Feathers
Released: 2005 (Matador Records)

Dead Meadow is the twee answer to stoner rock. That said, they’re still a heavy, psychedelic group and Feathers is a good album, containing much of the sounds particular to rock from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Here is Dead Meadow playing Let’s Jump In, the first song from Feathers:

Dead Meadow: Feathers

Khanate: Things Viral

Khanate: Things Viral
Released: 2003 (Southern Lord Records)

Although not as epic as their next to last release Capture and Release, Things Viral is one of those doom records I consider essential listening. Featuring Stephen O’Malley from (Sunn o))), Burning Witch), James Plotkin (Khlyst, O.L.D.), and the rest of O.L.D., Khanate’s output is lethally slow and crushing. Things Viral, their second record, features four songs and comes in at a little over 50 minutes. For all those mediocre, hack doom bands out there: check out Khanate and rethink what you’re doing.

Here is a video of Khanate playing Commuted (from Things Viral). The Youtube description says it’s from their DVD (which I’m aware of but haven’t seen before).

Khanate: Things Viral

The Kossabone Red: Self Titled LP

The Kossabone Red: Self Titled LP
Released: 1998 (Concurrent Records)

The Kossabone Red hailed from the Atlanta area and played emo/post-hardcore ala Braid, Cap’n Jazz, and so forth. I saw them live with Rainer Maria a long time ago and thought they were fun live, even if they were a little rough. While I don’t like this record as much as I did when I first heard it I still feel it’s an entertaining little record. I think The Kossabone Red broke up before this LP came out.

Here is the track Cul-de-Sac Driveways:

James Joyce (from the band The Hal al Shedad) says in his blog he has a few copies of this LP for sale. Click here for his blog Beyond Failure to contact him.

The Kossabone Red: Self-Titled LP

The Goslings: Between the Dead

The Goslings: Between the Dead
Released: 2006 (Self Released/Conspiracy Records)

Originally self-released as a CD and then re-issued as an LP by the European label Conspiracy, The Goslings’ LP Between the Dead brings together heavy music and beauty. The married duo of Max and Leslie Soren, accompanied by a revolving door of guest drummers, plays songs which are brutal, haunting, and noisy. Imagine a mixture of Jesu, Swans, My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless LP, and doom metal. Unlike my personal favorite Goslings record, Grandeur of Hair, Between the Dead is a little rough around the edges but is still a great LP.

Here is the track Brindle from Between the Dead:

The Goslings: Between the Dead

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine
Released: 1978 (Capitol Records)

Kraftwerk’s 1978 album The Man Machine contains six great tracks of analog synthesizer greatness. Hailed as the pioneers of electronic music, Kraftwerk took pop sensibilities and penned a great record using nothing but electronic instruments. It’s not my favorite Kraftwerk record but it’s their most known one.

Here is the video for Neon Lights:

Here is the track Spacelab with a video featuring footage from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey:

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine

Servotron: No Room for Humans

Servotron: No Room For Humans
Released: 1996 (Amphetamine Reptile Records)

Featuring members of Man or Astroman, Servotron was a Devo worship group pretending to be robots. Each song is about how the robots are going to destroy humanity, how people are weak in comparison to machines, and other nonsensical (and hilarious) science fiction ideas. I’m also fairly certain they took part of their name from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Here is a video of Servotron live in 1997:

Here is the song Bad Birthday, which appears on both this LP and a 7” called Celebration of Annihilation:

Servotron: No Room for Humans