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5ive: Self Titled LP

5ive: Self Titled LP
Released: 2001 (Tortuga Recordings)

I first saw 5ive in New Jersey about eight years ago. Manowar was headlining a metal festival and the night before the festivities began they played a small bar with Rune and a few other bands. They blew me away. Consisting of only a guitarist and a drummer their sound filled the whole place and watching them was mesmerizing. This album, I believe their first, is still my favorite of theirs and is recommended for anybody who likes heavy instrumental music.

Here is the track Burning Season:

5ive: Self Titled LP

Song of Zarathustra/Spread the Disease split 7″

Song of Zarathustra/Spread the Disease split 7”
Released: 1998 (Witching Hour Records)

Song of Zarathustra, other than taking their name from Nietzsche, played some really great screamo/hardcore. Spread the Disease were a decent pseudo-black metal/hardcore band featuring members of the old Canadian hardcore group New Day Rising. This is another in a long line of fun hardcore records released by the defunct Witching Hour record label and, like always, was limited to about 500 copies.

Here is Song of Zarathustra live in 2000:

Song of Zarathustra/Spread the Disease split 7″

The Kossabone Red: Self Titled LP

The Kossabone Red: Self Titled LP
Released: 1998 (Concurrent Records)

The Kossabone Red hailed from the Atlanta area and played emo/post-hardcore ala Braid, Cap’n Jazz, and so forth. I saw them live with Rainer Maria a long time ago and thought they were fun live, even if they were a little rough. While I don’t like this record as much as I did when I first heard it I still feel it’s an entertaining little record. I think The Kossabone Red broke up before this LP came out.

Here is the track Cul-de-Sac Driveways:

James Joyce (from the band The Hal al Shedad) says in his blog he has a few copies of this LP for sale. Click here for his blog Beyond Failure to contact him.

The Kossabone Red: Self-Titled LP

Power of Idea: Hyper Yellow Thrash

Power of Idea: Hyper Yellow Thrash
Released: 1997 (Tribal War Records)

I found this LP at Go-Kart Records in NYC a long time ago. It’s extremely brutal, female fronted thrash/power violence. The songs are pretty short, abrasive, and fun. This is recommended to fans of Japanese hardcore and female fronted angst.

Power of Idea: Hyper Yellow Thrash

Avail/Young Pioneers: The Fall of Richmond

Avail/(Young) Pioneers: The Fall of Richmond
Released: 1997 (Lookout! Records)

(Young) Pioneers were a fun punk band featuring members of Born Against; Avail were a punk/hardcore band who released a bunch of records in the ‘90s (I ignore anything they did past 1999) and had a cheerleader (Beau Beau). Both bands came out of Richmond, Virginia. This split 7” (or CDep for you anti-vinyl folks) features tracks not appearing elsewhere and the Avail songs are different than the ones on their LP Over the James.

Here is Avail playing Lombardy St. live in 2006:

Avail/Young Pioneers: The Fall of Richmond

SU19b: Discography

SU19b: Discography
Released: 2007 (RSR Records)

SU19b is a Japanese power violence/doom band which began in the ‘90s and is still around today (although I’m not 100% if they’re regularly active). Their songs are short, brutal, tuned down, and angry – exactly what you’d want from this kind of band. This discography features dozens of songs and is awesome.
Here is a video of SU19b from 2006:

SU19b: Discography

Rites of Spring: End on End

Rites of Spring: End on End
Released: 1987 (Dischord Records)

Before Fugazi there was Rites of Spring, a four piece group featuring both Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty. They only played a few shows but each was supposedly intense. This version of End on End features everything they recorded during their short existence; all of it is amazing.

Here is Rites of Spring playing For Want of live:

Rites of Spring: End on End