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Julee Cruise: The Voice of Love

Julee Cruise: The Voice of Love
Released: 1993 (Warner Brothers Records)

This is the second record Cruise did with Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. While it doesn’t compare to the first one, Floating Into the Night, it does contain a bunch of great tracks, including two songs from Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. If you enjoy beautiful, haunting, and ethereal music check this record out.

Here is the track Questions in a World of Blue.

Julee Cruise: The Voice of Love

Julee Cruise: Floating Into the Night

Julee Cruise: Floating Into the Night
Released: 1989 (Warner Brothers Records)

I’m not 100% sure how Julee Cruise ended up working with director David Lynch but somehow her beautiful vocals ended up gracing music in the film Blue Velvet along with Twin Peaks (both the television series and the film Fire Walk With Me). Cruise’s voice is beautiful and haunting and Floating Into the Night features songs written by Angelo Badalamenti with lyrics by Lynch. On this disc you’ll hear songs like Mysteries of Love from Blue Velvet, Falling (the Twin Peaks theme), and many others songs which appeared on Twin Peaks. It’s a beautiful album I listen to constantly.

Here is Julee Cruise performing The World Spins (my personal favorite) live in London last year. It was part of a Twin Peaks festival/celebration.

Here is a video for the song Falling (the Twin Peaks theme). This is actually an edited version and the album cut is about a minute longer.

Here is a scene from Blue Velvet featuring the song Mysteries of Love – an extremely beautiful little track. It’s not the complete version from the album.

Julee Cruise: Floating Into the Night