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Zombi: Cosmos

Zombi: Cosmos
Released: 2004 (Relapse Records)

Zombi’s debut full-length LP is one of my favorite records of the last decade. Some people say it sounds like Rush’s keyboard parts, other think it’s a cross between John Carpenter’s score and Italian prog rockers Goblin. I think it sounds like all of this combined, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of dystopic science fiction like Blade Runner. Decide for yourself.

Here is the track Cetus:

Here is Zombi live in 2006:

Zombi: Cosmos


Lovelock: An Assortment of Songs
Released: Some time in the last few years (No Label)

I first found out about Lovelock via Myspace a few years ago (yes, the dreaded, defunct digital playground that is Myspace). It’s Steve Moore from Zombi’s side project, a group culling influences from old disco, funk, new wave, etc. Personally I think it sounds like sex music. Regardless, I can’t get these songs out of my fucking head.

Anybody who reads this little blog, or knows me in the corporeal world, knows my musical tastes are quite varied but that I have a special place in my heart for the sounds of analog synthesizers; Lovelock delivers here and these three songs are infectious. Give them a try; I know you’ll end up dancing to them in your car, not realizing people are looking at you and laughing.

Here’s Lovelock’s song Maybe Tonight

Check out Steve Moore’s website for more about Lovelock

Maybe Tonight

Burning Feeling

Totally Tubular